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Your questions answered...
Q: Why should I choose Sight 'n' Sound?
A: With over 37 years experience we can offer you a completely professional service. This includes adapting to
    each event so that every function feels personal and unique. In addition, our equipment is 'high end' providing
    total quality and reliability. Finally we will listen to your requirements and take great care in providing you and
    your guests with an evening that will be thoroughly enjoyable.
Q: What type of music do you play?
A: We have all the music that you would expect a good party disco to carry, from the 50s right up to date. We are
    more than happy to cater for any special requirements - including music from different cultures, faiths and
Q: Do you play to all ages and tastes?
A: Yes, we are happy to play a whole variety of music in one night. We will always try to accommodate the musical
    requirements of you and your guests. 
Q: Can we ask for requests or supply a playlist?
A: Yes, if you wish. We welcome both. We want to make your entertainment as personal to you as any other aspect
    of your function would be. A playlist gives us an idea of the kind of music you want in advance, and ensures we
    have time to obtain any unusual tracks. But please don't feel that you have to select every single track, we are
    experienced enough to know what is suitable and appropriate.
Q: Can I bring some of my own music?
A: Of course, please supply any music you wish played on a CD or USB memory stick, with a list of the tracks
Q: How far would you be prepared to travel to a function?
A: Although we are based in Southeast England, we would be prepared to travel almost anywhere within reason.
Q: How long does it take you to set up?
A: Generally we like to have a minimum of an hour to set up and check things out, although occasionally it can take
    slightly longer. For larger events or additional items a greater time will be required. Under normal circumstances
    we will be cleared and out in the same time or less. For our largest set up we aim to be away by 7am the next
    morning at the latest. It is useful to let us know in advance if a venue has difficult or restricted accessibility, so we
    can allow for this.
Q: What will the DJ wear?
A: Our dress code is always smart. For weddings, hotels and corporate events, we wear black tie. For other
    functions, its shirt and tie or smart-casual as required. Better still - having a themed night? Let us know and we'll
    dress up and join in! Event crew wear uniform or 'blacks' as necessary.
Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: Yes, we normally take a 20% deposit, with the balance to be paid in full by the start of the function.
Q: Do we get some kind of confirmation?
A: Absolutely. We will either email or post a booking form directly to you, a copy of which we ask you to return with
    the deposit. We also like to keep in contact with you during the build up to your function, and we will call you 5-10
    days before hand just to reconfirm all details.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: Cancellation within 14 days of the event - full fee payable. Cancellation 15 days to 1 month of the event - 50% of
    the full fee. Cancellation more than one month prior to the event - loss of deposit only.
Q: Can we meet up in advance?
A: Yes, please check our events page to see if we have any public shows or exhibitions in your area. Or we can
    arrange a private consultation at a time and place that will suit you.
Q: What if something was to go wrong?
A: As we use quality professional specialised equipment, failures are extremely rare. But we take our commitments
    seriously so we have a full backup service, including vehicles, equipment and DJs, just in case.
Q: How much space and facilities do you need?
A: Obviously this varies on how much equipment is required, so for larger set-ups a site visit may be necessary.
    However, for our classic disco an area approximately 4m wide x 2m deep x 2.5m high is sufficient. Also, again
    depending on requirements, an adequate dedicated electrical supply will be needed. Finally, if we are outside, we
    will insist on a suitable weatherproof covering.
Q: We are also thinking of also hiring a band or singer, is this a problem?
A: Not at all, we frequently work alongside other artists and are very accommodating. A meeting in advance is often
    beneficial in this case.
Q: Our function is in a large/intimate venue, is that an issue?
A: No. Our system is modular and can be made to fit almost anywhere - we have successfully performed at such
    grand establishments as The Savoy Hotel and Blenheim Palace, to more modest locations including the
    snuggest of living rooms!
Q: Our venue requires all contractors to carry Public Liability Insurance,and for their equipment to be PAT Tested.
    Are you able to comply?
A: Yes, we carry a valid insurance certificate and up to date test print-outs at all times. We can also supply copies
    of these in advance to the venue, if required.

Q: Do you ever take photographs at functions?
A: Not as a rule. Occasionally we may photograph an establishment or event for marketing purposes or social
    media. In such a case, we would normally try and portray the atmosphere and ambience by photographing the
    venue or a group of people rather than individuals. Please let us know in advance if you would prefer us not to do
    this. We never photograph children.

Q: Can we use the DJ's equipment?
A: Unfortunately not. We do not permit anyone to use the equipment in any circumstances. The plugging in of any
    external equipment is at the discretion of the DJ or technician on the day.
Q: Our chosen venue does an all inclusive package, complete with entertainment. How would we go about booking
    Sight 'n' Sound instead?
A: You are within your rights to inform the venue that you wish to supply your own entertainment, and to deduct it
    from the package price. Or alternatively, ask the venue to contact us directly.
Q: Do you have a list of so called 'extras' that we need to pay for to improve or complete the show.
A: No. Although we offer a variety of set-ups, each one comes complete with everything you should need. However
    we do offer additions for larger or specialised functions if required.
Q: What is the Square In The Air?
A: The Square In The Air is our large cube of aluminium truss, associated lighting and effects that can be
    arranged in a number of configurations for bigger parties, functions or events. Click on this link, as we have a
    whole page dedicated to it!

Q: So, most importantly, what's it all going to cost?
A: We like to think our rates are competitive, but they can vary depending on date, time, duration, location and 
    requirements. Consequently, we like to quote each function individually. If you are just looking for the cheapest
    price, it almost certainly won't be us. But, when making your decision, please remember to compare like for like -
    you may be surprised exactly what we offer, how much we can do and therefore how reasonable we actually are!
    For a no obligation quote, please complete our on line enquiry form, or call us free on: ☎️ 03331 234726.
Although this mainly covers our disco operation, we hope we were able to answer all your questions. But if you couldn't find the information you were looking for, please contact us directly with your enquiry and we will be more than happy to help.